Services and Maintenance:

Training & In-Service Support

Complete, Customized Support

With current budget cuts, companies and governments are fiscally conscious both domestically and internationally. The mandate is to maintain and support not only new equipment, but existing equipment to get the most longevity on products for decades at a time.

To help you set up and maintain your Weatherhaven portable shelters and shelter systems, we can provide custom training packages based on your individual requirements.

Typically, training consists of a classroom session followed by a hands-on field exercise. It can also include printed and soft-copy manuals. Training can take place at Weatherhaven facilities, your own site, or in the field where you set up and use the products. We provide:

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance packages
  • A "Train the Trainer" program
  • A Field Service Representative (FSR) who will either do a site visit, or live in the camp at all times
Turnkey Means Full Service

Our team will assist you with your mobile shelter project from start to finish, for a truly comprehensive solution. We're equipped to handle all of your service and maintenance needs, including:


Complete Shelter Solutions

We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. From need assessment and shelter design, to shipping logistics and installation, we'll handle all your mobile shelter needs.

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