Weatherhaven's innovative shelter solutions are expertly engineered for a range of commercial, medical, and military applications

World class engineering team

Weatherhaven's world class engineering team has been recognized by media and global Computer-Aided Design (CAD) experts for their innovation and capability.

They are the backbone behind our 51 patents and our next-generation shelter solutions as well as immensely valuable in helping our customers design the ideal shelter solution to meet their needs.


51 patents in 30 countries

The ultimate proving ground for innovation is the patent process and acceptance by the participants in the global Patent Cooperation Treaty process.

Weatherhaven's record of securing patents, in North America, Europe and more than 30 countries around the world is testament to the company's innovation capabilities.

Designed for Speed and Mobility

The core design element of Weatherhaven's products is rapid deployability and re-deployability.

This is built into every one of our products, whether containerized, soft wall tents or hybrid solutions that incorporate both. It's also built into the design of systems (like power, electrical, or lighting) that are integrated into our shelter solutions.


Advanced tactical shelter system

The HQSS program in Canada is the most advanced tactical shelter system ever developed. The speed, modularity, climate protection, efficiency and life cycle costs of this shelter system are unmatched.

Weatherhaven successfully won this program, which was 7 years in development, by beating 4 of its largest competitors from USA and Europe.

HQSS Operations Shelter Specifications:

  • Deployed Dimensions: 23.8ft x 41.8ft
  • Effective Floor Area: 995 ft²
  • Snow Load Capacity: 20 lb/ft²
  • U Factor: 2.98 Watts/°C/m²
  • Setup Time: under 20 minutes
  • Height at Eaves - 82"
  • Up to 10 Soft Doors or Hard Doors
  • Up to 14 Large Soft Windows with Clear Vinyl, Screen & Blackout Flaps
  • 10 Points of Interconnection
  • Packed Configuration: 12 Bags
  • Total Packed Weight: 2156 lbs
  • Total Packed Volume: 251 ft³

Semi-Rigid Flooring:

  • Deployed while standing
  • Static load of up to 3.5 Mpa
  • Fire & smoke retardant
  • Antistatic coating
  • Lockable for uneven terrain
  • Max usable floor area (99%)
  • Tile Dimensions: 18" x 18"
  • Tile Weight: 6.6 lbs
  • Deployable in -51°C
  • Cable channels
  • Deploys rapidly in sections

Expandable portable space

Weatherhaven pioneered the development of expandable containers, successfully selling more than 3,000 units to more than 25 global military customers.

We have developed multiple sizes of containers, from extended height versions to small truck-mounted and trailer units.

All follow the same basic principle: the smallest shipping configuration possible EXPANDABLE to the largest potential working space possible.

Extended Height Mobile Expandable Container

This patented design uses a standard ISO container. The side walls swing down to triple the floor space, then the roof extends upward from 8' to 12'.

Example uses:

  • 16 person command centre with 5 x 50' plasma screens above head height
  • Medical surgical theatre
  • Full size helicopter cockpit simulator
  • Portable blackout garage for large vehicles


Weatherhaven has invested decades of engineering and design experience continuously striving to improve the energy efficiency, and reduce the carbon footprint of its shelter solutions - whether in an Arctic, Desert or Tropical setting.

The thermal properties of our shelter systems not only protect against extreme temperatures but also minimize the consumption of energy and fuel - a 44% reduction in CO2 emissions.

By incorporating renewables into our remote camp solutions, Weatherhaven has developed among the most energy efficient cooling, heating and lighting solutions in the industry. Our redeployable soft shelter solution has the lowest carbon footprint of any traditional shelter systems (concrete, wood or modular).

Environmental Impact of Solar Shades

Weatherhaven Solarshades are designed to be used in combination with your mobile shelter for protection in areas of extreme, direct solar radiation.

Solar shades result in a decrease of diesel consumption needed to keep your shelter cool. When compared to shelters with standard insulation, solar shades reduced fuel consumption by 2,631 L per year - that's a reduction of 7.33 CO2e tons per year.

Extreme Climate and logistics

No matter how remote or how extreme, our expert team can build and deliver a shelter system.

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