Sheltering troops, wherever they're deployed. Weatherhaven's portable shelters are built for exceptional performance and have been deployed on all seven continents, no matter how remote the location or harsh the climate.

Simulation and Training

When Full-Scale Military Exercises Aren't Feasible

Simulation and training is a growing military requirement-this need is facilitated by budget cuts and the demand to train as many personnel as possible at a reduced cost.

In response to this military need, Weatherhaven developed the methodology and skills to meet user requirements with our existing line of expandable containers. Weatherhaven's MECC™ and Extended Height MECC™ (EHMECC™) capabilities can be integrated with simulation equipment and:

  • Provide three times the floor space of a regular ISO container, with the EHMECCextending an additional 4.5 feet, creating a spacious interior for workflow traffic and equipment
  • Can be manufactured based on a container height of 8 feet, 8'6", or 9'6"
  • Provide a well-lit, comfortable working environment
  • Are easy to maintain in the field or on a base
  • Can be outfitted with simulation equipment that can be mounted in the centre core for ease of deployment, or wheel mounted and moved into place after set up
  • Are CSC certified, allowing the structure to be easily loaded by forklift, crane, or PLS; and transported anywhere in the world by aircraft, truck, trailer, or ship
  • Can be equipped for "After Action Review"
  • Are custom designed for deployment in any environment
Full Service: Design To Post-Project Support

From shelter design, to shipping logistics, equipment, and repair, our team is equipped to handle all your military shelter needs. Tell us your needs and we'll work with you to deliver a redeployable shelter capability that suits your operation.


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We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. From need assessment and shelter design, to installation and equipment, we'll handle all your mobile shelter needs.