Whether it's a mining, construction, or exploration camp, a comfortable and safe workforce camp shows good faith to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

No Climate Is Too Harsh - No Location Too Remote

Weatherhaven's portable shelters and shelter systems provide comfort, safety, and everyday convenience to mobile workforces, spanning more than 50 countries in remote locations all around the world - from the Arctic Islands of Canada to the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, and everywhere in between.

Protecting Your Best Assets: Your Workforce

We've spent the last 30 years designing, manufacturing, and installing portable camps of all sizes for the resource industry. We know that happy workers are more productive, and that attracting and retaining skilled labour is crucial. Necessities like fully functional living quarters, kitchens, and washhouses keep your workforce comfortable and productive.

A Comfortable and Safe Camp is an Absolute Requirement

Your camp - whether it's a mining, construction, or exploration camp - represents a significant investment, and is a visible indication of how you intend to conduct activities on site. A comfortable and safe workforce camp shows good faith to your customers, employees, and other stakeholders.

Here's how we can help:
  • Weatherhaven shelters are engineered to meet international codes and provisions for temporary workforce housing
  • Our team will work with you to ensure you have a code compliant camp and help you obtain a certificate of occupancy
Transportation Savings Make Any Project Feasible

We know that sticking to your budget is important, which is why we've built transportation savings right into our product and packaging design. Weatherhaven's light, compact portable shelters are one-third the weight and one-seventh the volume of traditional trailer and modular camp alternatives. The end-result is significant transportation savings.

Shipping To The Antarctic? No Problem.

Not all locations are accessible by road - that's where we come in. With Weatherhaven, any project is feasible, no matter how remote the setting. Whether you're shipping by train, barge, or an aircraft like a Twin Otter or Antonov, we've got you covered.

Weatherhaven packaging is:
  • Custom manufactured to suit your unique transportation needs and meet international ISO shipping standards
  • Available in various heights, widths, and lengths that can be lifted individually by helicopter, or linked together and transported to any corner of the earth by sea, rail, road, or air

Our team possesses extensive experience working with freight transportation and international shipping documentation. We'll ensure your shipment arrives on time, and in the same condition it left the factory in.

Getting Up & Running Is Easy

Weatherhaven structures require no special tools, site preparations, or foundations, and no expert knowledge beyond general construction. Assembly is straightforward, with detailed instructions provided. From initial camp and shelter design, to shipping logistics and installation, our team is equipped to handle all your workforce camp and portable shelter needs. Learn more about Weatherhaven's value-added services.


Download our RFP Guide

We provide everything you need to complete your project or mission while living and working in our turnkey shelter systems. From need assessment and shelter design, to installation and equipment, we'll handle all your mobile shelter needs.